Beth Nienstedt

Beth Nienstedt

Exquisite Works of Art

Beth Nienstedt started her passion in photography back in 1997. She took photography classes  in her high school, with a wonderful teacher named Miss Jennings (aka Mama J). She started taking pictures of beautiful churches, buildings & other structures, cars and people. Later on in her career she even managed and ran quite a few photography studios winning many many awards for her work.

At the time her job was taking portrait photography. But her passion was taking pictures of cars. Her passion for car photography stemmed from her father. A military man and the type of gentleman that could build anything, he was most of the time found in the garage working on a project or car. At one point he even built an automobile from scratch.

Through her childhood, Beth would always see her father working in the garage and she would join him there to spend time with him. And that is what sparked her passion. It was about being close to her father. And now, as she takes pictures of cars, and elements of vehicles, she can still feel that closeness to her father that she felt all those years ago as a little girl.

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